Google map save my life ; Data visualisation save my life

The Google map has been my best friend since I start my international student life in Australia. Before the invention of Google map, people travel with holding an actual map is very tiring yet some of the people still do now. Google map is so convenient that it contain the whole world in one database and deliver in visualization form. It has largely saved the time for people to do all the research before hand and read all the maps before their trips. The traveler can access the Google map once they connected to the internet and they can immediately search the place they want to go along with the direction and even people can double-click to see the actual outlook of the place. This visualisation presentation has made the whole become much closer and realistic than ever. I can open the Google map anytime to search the actual street view of Paris and the realist visual makes me feel like I am actually on the street.

1 Macquarie Place, Sydney, New South Wales - Google Maps

Google map is a brilliant product of utilizing the data visualisation. With the use of infographics techniques, people can explain things and stories more easily also it is more easily for people to perceive and understand the details. Data visualisation lived in every corner is our daily lives. We used to watch the change of currency by a simple chart with just an up and down line, it has actually presented the group of data, another example is the chart to present the people population that makes the whole bunch of data into something very simple to understand.



Serious Game

Serious Games are the games that have another purpose than just pure entertainment. ( As I mentioned on the previous post that, nowadays the world has become more to technology status. Most of the companies and education industry are using game technology or game design platform for presentations, such as branding & marketing, education & children, and training simulation. (


Besides that, graphics has become more interesting to us comparing with tons of words while our minds need something more interesting to remember it. Through the education industry, we can train them and make sure they actively focus what they have learned with some example of game demonstrate which can attract them easily. Is just like a team building for a company or an entertaining activity for family and friends (

By having an interactive training, those leading companies who want to create a higher engagement and improved training. To have an educational expert and game designers to create a research and assessment is to make sure everyone is aware the theory and practice on it before facing the reality is better than just reading from the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).( )


Therefore, the purpose of the serious game is to show all the users that by using the games to create direct real world outcomes and to promote a meaningful message to all the players.

Does network bring people closer or even more far away?

Mum: Girl, it’s time for bed. Please turn off your laptop and go to bed. It’s 12:00am right now.

Me: Alright mum. *shutting down my laptop, switch off the bedroom light. And, is phone time!

Remember how are we falling asleep while holding your mobile phone in the middle of the night? Nowadays, most of us will go through our mobile phone before we close our eyes at night. Just like scrolling our Facebook pages for any updates from friends, see almost every photos and video that posted from friends or secret admirers at Instagram, replied all personal email or company email before a new day started, or even updated News from the website.

The revolutions of network computers to tablets or smartphone have change people’s lifestyle which has become more efficient and increases the productivity of doing works. The Computer History Museum has shown us the revolution of timeline for the first 2000 years of computing which has changed our world. (


Besides that, mobile operating system like IOS (iPhone Operating System) has also rebuilding by Steve Jobs in the earlier the year of 1997 which running the popular iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. ( As nowadays, the world is in a higher technology status. Everyone choose a smartphone rather than an oldies mobile phone or cell phone.


In short, this social networking society has become the key of communicator with each other nowadays. These are the better way to make us stay connect with the world and expand the networking by innovating the technology, no matter you are having a laptops or computers or even smart phones.

The Powerful of Content sharing


What are the things that you afraid the most? Words from the others people mouth? Bad comments received from the guest? The bad review from the lecturer? Most of the people will modify some pretty word or add own opinion before telling the truth story to another person.

For example, we will base on the review showed at the website, to decide whether we should stay at the hotel or going for a trip. Most of us will do some research regarding the quality of the hotel service, good comment review of the restaurant and so on. Not just for the consumers own good but also very important for the producers or merchandisers of the good image of the companies.UA

There is an issue happen to United Airlines on 11 April 2017, this news has been shared over the social platforms by just one night and thousand of bad reviews have been given by the public. This link was the news that mentioned about the issue happen and the content of the video was captured by at few passengers on the plane, Man dragged off overbooked United flight by police as fellow passengers look on in horror. ( Another news example that happened on the next day of the United Airlines company, United shares fall as social media firestorm over forcibly removed passenger spreads to China ( . This news was the top trending item on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter with the hashtag #UnitedForcesPassengerOffPlane, with more than 270 million views, reported by Justin Bachman and Linly Lin from The Sydney Morning Herald on 12 April 2017.This is presented how powerful is the content sharing on top of the interaction between content producers and consumers can do.

Are you having Nomophobia?


How often do you looking at your mobile devices during your free time? What will you do while taking the public transport? I believe that some of us are having Nomophobia which is a close attachment with the mobile phone and overuse of mobile phone during our free time, and we do probably feeling empty when we don’t have our phone with us. As a human nature, it has been program default to be socially active to a certain extent. This appearance is considered as the participatory journalism which the media users have developed a relationship with the media.

The traditional platform of the journalism has been slowly replaced and transformed into the social networks and social media sites along with the mobile media platforms. It is very hard to get us out from our house now to get a printed newspaper or magazine when you can lying on the bed to read the updated news from your mobile phone or tablet.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world which widely used for networking with family and friends, and also getting the most updated news from the certain pages. For example, the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution in September 2014 has used the Facebook as the important medium to spread the message and photos to the other parts of the world. Everyone can know about what is happening on the other side of the world by clicking the “Share” button to pass the content or video on.

HK Umbrella Revolution

Furthermore, by watching the videos that shared from the Facebook pages you will get to see the different point of view on and comments. For example, the video that was taken by the professional reporter or by the normal people. Some of us may enlarge the cases or misunderstand the main point of the video so it is important to have critical thinking on the information that we received or visit the official website like the ABC News-


Photo speaks it All!


Have you ever not taking a single photo in your daily life? What else will you do after you take a photo from your phone or from your camera? I believe that everyone does it just to capture every memorable moment in our lives. It can simply capture the bunch gathering with friends, smiling faces during the catch-up session or places that we went during our holiday.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application that allows people to post photos and videos which were launched in October 2010. It is well known as a platform for everyone to share the moment of their life with friends and family besides Facebook. However, the Instagram has agreed to be acquired by Facebook (  since 9 April 2012, mentioned by Kevin Systrom, CEO, and co-founder of Instagram.

Besides, Instagram has improved with some features, for example, the live broadcast that allowed the users to instant share the right-now moments with friends and or shares the moments with the people they follow. Business also benefited this feature to gain more interactions with all the followers as well as liking, commenting, mentioning, tagging and direct message.

Apart from that, Instagram also having the special explorers ( on the second page when you swipe to the left, like looking for people, special or trending tags, and the famous places. Therefore, photos and videos are playing an outstanding role in our life by capturing or showing throughout of the social media, especially at Instagram. All these wonderful features and function are due to the improvement and development of internet that brings all of us step further into the world and have more interaction with one another.


Seek for Jobs; Seek for Money


seek-logoOn my previous post that mentioned about the digital media kicks the traditional media down. Which means that nowadays digital media has taken up the main role to lead and development the society. Also, there is more money opportunity through online media now, funding journalism has changed from offline to online. Looking for a job or a vacancy through the social media or from the website are easier than flipping all over the newspaper just to look for classified pages.

SEEK is one of the most famous job searching website in Australia that having over 12,000 jobs provided. No matter where the job candidates from such as is from, they can also find a job that is suitable for them. SEEK is a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives as well as helping the organizations in future success.

SEEK does not only providing jobs to the candidates but they are also providing some courses. SEEK Learning provided the online courses or short-term class for those who are interested in different industries. They will help you to choose the relevant courses which matching with your own career goals. Seek Learning page ( also providing the best options for flexible study, quality of teaching materials, strong reputation in the specific industry and more to go.

SEEK Learning acts as an agent for the education providers that are represented on this site and receives a commission from them for each enrollment. Based on this corporate tear sheet (, SEEK has made a positive impact on a truly global scales over the 18 years of operation. Therefore, the online employment has created much more money opportunity for both the job seekers and companies and the marketplace in a larger meaning.


Have you ever read the product review before buying a new Iphone ? I know you do !

Back in 10 years ago, when we want to buy a new Nokia mobile phone we can only ask our friends for recommendation and review or wait for the technology magazine that launch once per month, the information does not update as fast as today. With the fast development of internet and technology, we search the product review with just a few clicks and there are lots of websites that provided the detailed review of the product as well as a comparison with similar products. Have you read the new iPhone review or watch the YouTube review video before purchasing a new iPhone ? I do and I know you do!

Sometimes we don’t mean to search it but it is very accessible on the social media platform like Facebook and the links will just lingual around the website, inside the links they talk about different latest technology products. One of the famous website: , which is a famous American technology website that frequently updates the new technology products as well as a media network. Another great example is that is also popular around the internet. And because of the demand of product review, there are also numbers of YouTube creators that talks about the product review along with a demonstration video, one of the brilliant example are Marques Brownlee who mainly focuses to make quality technology videos and he has millions of followers.


Week 4

All these website and videos are the technology journalism that from the public- good perspective to provide reader for updated information to help them make a better decision while keeping their interest up to the technology.


Digital media kicks the traditional media down

Among the recent decade, the media industry has experienced a big change, the new rise of digital media took up the main role that leads to the decline of traditional media outlet such as the newspaper and magazine etc. This phenomenon also related to the wide- usage of internet by the public. Nowadays, with the fast development of internet and smartphone, readers had become more and more eager towards the latest information, they can get the instant news and the latest information with just a little movement of their fingers. The internet also helps the digital medias to spread and update the news even more faster than the traditional media, and this is the main reason why the traditional media declines. When you have a smart phone who else would like to hold a newspaper anymore?


At the same time, the digital media is more interactive compares to the traditional media. Public can now become an information producer more easily by instantly upload the photos or videos of things that happen around them, it can be a live video of the accident that freshly happen, as well as they can express their thoughts  by leaving comments under the news post or share it with friends by just a few taps on the phone. The transition of readership from newspaper to digital is a challenge to the news publication which they can only survive by transform into online media. A real example is the New York Times, they have realized the online news version has more click rate than the sales of the newspaper,  from this they can see that the reach towards the readers is wider than the newspaper.