Data utilization in the journalism

Since the concept of big data was proposed, it has been spread into all expense and subtracts all of the world. In big data is already applied in journalism and in different kinds of mass media by using different kinds of cutting edge technology. Data journalism is nowadays a new form of the way in storytelling. Compared to the traditional journalism in visualization techniques. Nowadays the journalism is using a lot of advanced technology, the information can be collected in from the place to the center of the media by transferring using the Internet. Data can be explored using the camera and even cellphone, a lot of social websites can help with the fast spreading speed. At the same time, the feedback can be collected and sent back to the information center, according to the new analyse tools, the taste of audience can be found and more news can be posted in order to attract more audience.

For example, the very famous video ‘A Bite of China’ actually came from a series of videos talking about different kinds of culture in different regions in China. By collecting the feedback from an advanced technology from audiences, the CCTV realized that the one episode talking about food culture was very popular, therefore they started a new series of videos focusing on the food culture in China and then became super popular. Therefore, from my point of view, the new technology should be applied to journalism and big data collection and analysis are crucial for the journalism.


Open Data in Journalism

The access to the open data in a country is becoming a crucial factor for the journalism and the social media is a huge source for data.

For example, the data from some social website should provide their data to the journalism or even normal user as they have the right to know it.

In the finest developed a new world everything is becoming clear in front of people.  People are extremely wanted to have the information that they should have. For example, they don’t have the concept about the message on Facebook, how the website keeps their security, how many messages were sent every year, it is interesting to know in order to track the development of Internet. This can also be useful to the students who study marketing or computer science. For example, in China, Sina Weibo had given its report to the public every year about the utilisation of the blog. Therefore, we are able to get the access to the information of how the internet is widely used what for what reason people are using it. I do think it’s a healthy way to publish this data. By doing this, the journalists are also able to have the idea about where and how they could arrange the news. Also, they can have the idea about the occupations and the age of people who get access to a media, and them news videos can be better performed by customers. Therefore, the open data in journalism is really important and those data should be publicised.

How to range webpage better by collecting feedback?

At the development of the digital media, people have more and more access to the news and other information.  They are even free to talk about their idea about the news by comments. And social media indeed find the feedback of the readers becoming more and more important. At the same time relating to the same news, different people in different countries have different ideas about it. Therefore, it is also really important to collect these feedback from people and analyse them. The paper introduced us Journalism 2.0, the new technology to analyse and making the news.

The research found out that the number of the comment related to the type of the news the pattern of the news and even the position of the news on the website. By using the new technique Journalism 2.0, most of the website make the full use of this principal. The minatory or important news will be put with the big title and in the centre of the website.  At the same time, they will choose the least concerned news at the bottom or in the corner.  By doing this they could attract as much audience as possible. At the same time, by analyzing the comments and feedback, the web page can figure out people’s attitude to the news. In order to let more people to participate in the news and activities, more work has to be done in the future years in collecting people’s feedback. The application of the new technology is a good idea for this.

The Time of Digital Media dives to Audience Fragmentation?

Due to the rapid growth of the Internet and other digital media, the life pattern of people changed dramatically. However, there are some problems due to the development of the digital media, people are able to found the same channel or program or information even they come from different parts of the world but some media of TV or internet becomes less useful for them compare to the local ones they indeed need. In this circumstance, audience fragmentation is generated.


Audience fragmentation can be found in any aspect, from TV to the internet. For example, Chinese New Year Gala, one of the most important TV show, attracts more than 80% of the people to watch it. However, this program can also be watched by other country’s customer, but the things may change as they have no idea about the Chinese language, Chinese culture and so on. The same thing happens to online shopping or advertisement when Asian food was popular sold in Asian countries, those other countries have much less demand for those products and less advertisement demand. Therefore, when the audience actually found the media but less information is needed as they are not useful nor interesting. This kind of situation will lead the audience to audience fragmentation.

The paper by James G. W et al gave a third approach by tracking TV and internet usage to understand where the audience fragmentation happened. However, the result shows that audience fragmentation has already become a serious problem in the digital media. Therefore, I think the media should be focused on the once that be concerned by local people more to reduce this audience fragmentation situation.

News under the ‘self-media’ era.

With arrival of the news media 3.0, China access into ‘we media’ period in 21 century.The rising of micro blog has launched a new revolution in media area which Changed the traditional communication model. Individuals maximize their participation in communication activities. It has provided the conditions for the development of citizen journalism.


Weibo as Chinese Twitter played an immprotant role in ‘we media’ era. Sina Weibo now has over 100m users, and is still growing fast. Weibo has become a crucial information source, especially for breaking news. Some unexpected incidents journalists are not able to arrive on the sence, but the people who have been there may report it on Weibo and record the crucial moment. If it reposted above 500 times, it will hit the Weibo headlines.


With leading the development of self-media era, weibo recipients are not only information receivers, but also turning into information producers and disseminators. ‘We media’ brings both the expression room for commoners and the huge economic benefits for network service providers come true. But what is worth our consideration is that also makes the relationship between public opinion and judicial becomes more and more subtle and complex.


The decline of Renren Network and Wechat rise.

Renren Network as regarded a Chinese Facebook launched in 2005, but it doesn’t have a long-term development as Facebook. Actually, in recent years, there are almost no one using Renren, Renren has been replaced by Wechat. I remember after I entered college that I no more used Renren, it was that year, Wechat was launched.These are two completely different products, but why one appeared make another destroyed.



I think there are several reasons. Firstly, Wechat is a mobile terminal software, but Renren still stay in post-portal era. Secondly, Wechat as a instant message software also has strong communication function. ‘Moments’ is an important feature of Wechat and it is the reason of Wechat instead of Renren. ‘Moments’ in Wechat Chinese edition named ‘Friends circle’. You can upload pictures, short videos and words on it, and you also can share music news or blog from other app on ‘Moments’. The most important is that you can set each friend rights, like who can see your ‘Moments’ and who can’t. Even you can divided your friends into different groups, show different group different things. In most social app, the comment is public part, but in ‘Moments’ comments only can be seen by mutual friends.

To some extent, Wechat more satisfied the needs of modern people. They sometimes want to share their life, but sometimes want to keep the privacy space in internet world. Renren exposure to personal privacy too much. Renren may similar to Facebook, but it lose its lable when it change name from Xiaonei(it means find schoolmates) to Renren.

Different voice from self-journalism!

It is undeniable that online media is the mainstream in this generation. Although  traditional media still has a larger market share, while getting information from internet is becoming a habit for most people.

Traditional media always rely on government, especially in China. The content of newspaper must have been carefully examined prior to its publication. And in China, some popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been banned.To a certain extent, it makes a one-sided understanding of some international big events to Chinese. 

In recent years, we media or self-media are popular in China. Weibo and Wechat as the best platforms to self-funding journalism. There is a very famous blogger on Weibo named ‘billboard sister‘. She settled in London, the content of her blog can be divided into three parts – repost international news from foreign media(e.g. BBC), publish local social news,  share hot issues from foreign social media.

Entrepreneurship is “the creation and ownership of a small enterprise or organization whose activity adds at least one voice or innovation to the media marketplace.” That enterprise, they assert, “represents a voice,” differentiates itself from other voices, and can be for-profit or not-for-profit. The ‘billboard sister’ created this blog just for transferring the voice from outside world. But now, the blog has 13 millions followers on Weibo. Sponsors and advertisers come flocking. Self- funding journalism did take different views and voice rather than traditional media.

Change the image of News! Tech website take the cake!

“Innovation Journalism” is journalism about innovation (which is not the same as “innovative journalism”, which is about innovations in journalism). Innovation Journalism covers technical, business, legal and political aspects of innovations and innovation systems. With the rapid development with economy and society,there is a growing demand for information and knowledge.  Journalism has been not confined to business or political Reports nowadays, also focus on technology or culture.

Guokr (which means Nutshell, name from THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL wrote by Stephen Hawking) is a popular Chinese technology journalism website. At first Guokr aimed to become the Chinese Discovery. But now they have broken a new way of their own. The website contains three parts,  including MOOC academy, Knowledge community and Rumor buster. Guokr releases new technology information and provides a wide communicative platform for geek. What really makes Guokr is Rumor buster. In this section, Guokr republish some hot issues from other website and social media which may spread the wrong scientific information. Then through expert interviews, scientific experiment and technological knowledge to break the rumor.


Innovation Systems create value, and people in them can get rich by knowing who needs what, who said what about who, what is cooking, and what to avoid. Guokr actually achieve this value. It provides a information exchange platform. Audience can post their own opinions or questions, and they will get feedback from researchers from various fields. In this website you can get knowledge as a student, you also can spread knowledge as a teacher.

Nordfors, D 2004, ‘Why we need innovation journalism, and where it may have a market’, The First Conference on Innovation Journalism, Vol.3, No.1, Pp. 1-14.


Online media and social media is becoming the main way for getting news. It spread news faster and immediately, and using picture and video to replace words. People can read more intuitive and easier to understand.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be regarded as the most popular social medias right now. Everyone can register accounts on it, including traditional medias. ABC, BBC and CCTV all have official accounts on facebook. It a effective way to increase audience and attract young audience. With politic and economic globalization, some multinational media corporations, like News Corporation set it sights on digital media in recent years. News Corporation has tried to publish news on Ipad, and acquired some online video websites.

The new president of the United States, Donald Trump, jokingly referred to running the country by Twitter from taking office to now. Even though Trump received a public censure, but acctually it may become a trend. Becuase Obama has been used twitter to closer the distance with the citizens. To some extent, social media can be regarded aspromoting democratic development.