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Data visualization is not new but constantly evolving along with the development of graphic design tools and complication of different kind of data. There are many application of data visualization in our daily life, simple as electronic health record like the sports record on Apple Watch.

Many journalists are finding that data-based visuals are doing a better job of explaining and summarizing what would have been a lengthy report in print.(Brigham,2016) Data visualization is closely related with data journalism, like what I explained last week in ‘Data journalism and air quality’, issues are directly perceived through the senses of the great quantity of data. Moreover, datas are enforced by the unmistakable power of images. The visual shouldn’t just be a pretty picture; it should also provide insight and a greater understanding of the data.(Brigham,2016)

屏幕快照 2017-05-30 23.14.02

This graph is well conveyed how to design a insightful visualized infographic. (by Information is Beautiful) The four essential elements of a successful visualization include:



STORY -concept


GOAL -function


VISIUAL FORM -metaphor

Each part has overlap with other parts, but not all are good. For example in this methodology, the lack of function is will cause the visualization useless and without concept it will be boring. Four parts must be satisfied at the same time, with accurate and consistent datas, relevant and meaningful concept, useful and efficient function, and proper visual structure you’ll get yourself a great infographic. 

Reference: Tara J. Brigham<Feast for the Eyes: An Introduction to Data Visualization>



Data journalism and air quality

We’re living in the era of big data, almost every online action of our daily life can be traced and calculated by numbers. Also, we’re no stranger to storytelling using datas. But why data is important to journalism industry? “Gathering, filtering and visualizing what is happening beyond what the eye can see has a growing value,” said Mirko Lorenz in Data Journalist Handbook. We usually say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, the infographics and videos are easier to understand and more effective and memorable when convey a message via visualizing material.

Take air pollution problem for example, a post from The Guardian a few month ago contains several lists of cities with the most dangerous air in different regions, that is not only report the indexes but also cross compare and provide insights to understand this issue from a large scale.

屏幕快照 2017-05-21 18.34.31

Also, a video report ‘Under the dome’ about China’s air pollution situation presented by a Chinese journalist Chai Jing also referred large amount of data and pictures to arose awareness and educated the public about this sever emerging disaster. In this video, she quoted datas like PM2.5 index of cities in China, reports from World Health Organization, satellite photograph from NASA and increasing number of lung cancer due to the haze and linked together. All of these datas and analysis gave people a direct-viewing of the problem and start paying attention to it.

屏幕快照 2017-05-21 21.20.24

This is just a common application of data journalism, the ability to report facts is no longer belong to journalists only, but through different social networks. However, data journalism will interpreting the reports to be more meaningful.

<Under the Dome> video link:

Who received your very first photo on Snapchat?

Unlike other social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat’s is more private and casual. Photos, texts and short videos, with creative doodles and stickers are impermanent to share current thoughts or what you’re doing now with close friends and it won’t leave a trace on the Internet, in opposite with traditional broadcast-style of social media, it’s more desired by younger generations. This is when network effect kicked in. “when it comes to messaging apps, the more friends you have on it, the more useful and entertaining the app is,” said Ian Kar.(2016)

At first when it was launched, it may seems like another app for juvenile, however, according to the research by eMarketer, the users age is going up.

屏幕快照 2017-05-15 上午1.14.51

When parents starts to use Snapchat in order to send and receive from their teenage children, the network is expending among users of different ages. After you give permission to run across your contact list and starts to invite your friends to use it as well, the network is spreading quickly. In 2016, according to eMarketer, “Snapchat’s US user base will jump by 27.2% to 58.6 million users. Snapchat’s growth rate far exceeds that of mobile messaging in general—the category as a whole will grow by 16% in the US this year.”

Only within a few years, Snapchat is going viral in not only the US but worldwide. 


Answer on Quora by Sanjay Sabnani: <;

Power of UGC

Digital audiences are both receivers and producers of the internet content at the same time. We constantly create more informations by upload and share on our social channels. The term UGC(user generated content) is refers to the content that people create and share out when they was inspired by something they saw online or experienced. This would consider as a practical way to do social marketing for professionals in practice.

Take tourism industry for example, recommendations of a hotel, a restaurant or a tourist spot from people who have been their was much more reliable and convictive than luxury videos and advertisements. will rank “Traveler’s Choice Award” according to their users rate and feedback each year.

屏幕快照 2017-05-07 下午7.46.33.pngAnd the only way to ace the ranking is keep improving the services of your business, otherwise the UGC will really cause the business to lose some real money, nobody want to pay for a disappointed memory when they plan for a trip.

There are tons of social networking site that are thrive by UGC, (wikipedia link) is one of them. It’s a lifestyle BBS in China launched in 2005, users can discuss their hobbies such as movies, music, sports, games and books via forum posts and reply each other.

屏幕快照 2017-05-07 下午8.30.44.pngNowadays, is one of the most popular section of Douban, it kinds of like IMDb but the contents were created by users, and it also has online ticketing feature, audiences create film reviews and rates that will directly boom or fail the box office. (* The blue button is “buy tickets now” on the main page of the website)

In a word, the success or failure of the business can be all due to UGC, it’s a powerful tool, treat it wisely.

Gave United Airline all the attentions they never expected!

Needless to say, a paid and seated passenger was dragged off an United airplane was one of news that attract most attention and discussion on social media. This led to tons of past customer of UA share their unsatisfied service and experience via various social media platforms. This would consider the most significant PR crisis UA had every experienced. By the end of April, UA had reached an undisclosed settlement with Dr. David Dao the passenger, but the amount remain confidential.

屏幕快照 2017-04-30 22.16.56.png

Coincidently, this is not the first time of UA’s reckless go viral on social media. Dave Carroll a musician flied UA and his $3500710 Taylor guitar was broken due to the violent acting by baggage handler, but he wasn’t get an satisfied treatment and resolution after all. He then wrote three songs and MVs called “United Break Guitars” an overnight sensation with over 15 million YouTube views, and he even published a book! This was happened in 2008, however the time that social media was not as influential as today, it also caused UA stock share largely decrease.

As an individual, fighting with big cooperations to strive for own’s rights would be throw an egg against a rock. But with the existence of social media, participatory journalism has reduce the non-equivalence significantly. We’re not alone anymore, online world is powerful, together we will make a difference.   

How is Internet saving our time?

Before start to speak out the answer, let’s take a minute to recall a normal daily life with Internet existing everywhere. From the minute we wake up and pick up the phone to browse news and reply messages from friends on Messenger, to use google map get the directions to home from somewhere we’ve never been, do you still remember what is like to be living without Internet? Have u feel anxious when your phone battery is dying or suddenly get poor data connection? We became so addict to the changing that Internet has brought to us. This is a huge topic to discuss, either from entertaining, academic or daily life aspects. Let’s look at the search engine today.

屏幕快照 2017-04-09 18.16.49.png
Doogle of the Day – April 9, 2017 – Finland Municipal Elections 2017

The world largest search engine Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day. People can find out practically every information they needed by type in the short phrase to search. News, encyclopedia, recipes, even self diagnose the symptoms before going to the clinic. We save time go down to the library, newsstand, and on minor things such as locations and opening hours of local stores.屏幕快照 2017-04-09 18.14.47屏幕快照 2017-04-09 18.14.30

*Google is banned in China.

The brand name “google” is referring to “search it online” and it’s so well-known that may cause this brand won’t be protected as trade mark anymore. Here are some interesting visual data about Google and other Internet tools.屏幕快照 2017-04-09 17.55.53屏幕快照 2017-04-09 18.08.47

Although some may argue that Internet is changing the world in some way worse, in my opinion, it is a fantastic tool that shows the intelligence of people and it is a necessary progress of the world, we are a lucky generation to grow with the Internet.

Native ads funding journalism in China in digital media age.

As we know, each country has its unique regulation and users preference among journalism industry, in China, due to the political system, the cultural tradition and censorship, it is a very special but interesting case to look into. Back in traditional media age, there are not much choice in newspapers, journalism was totally controlled by the government, and the main funding was come from advertisement and government. After stepping into the digital media age, traditional newspaper are loosing readers to online and mobile news platforms such as portal website and news app that was developed by internet company (ie. Tencent News and Sina News) not by newspaper organization.


With the help of technique to collect and analyze the data of each and every users’ preference and reading behavior, sponsored feed is a feature that was created to deliver the information to the target audience more accurate and efficient, it can be considered as another method to contribute the advertising revenue. Because of the intense competition of IT industry in China, most of apps are free for users to seizing market share, therefore advertising becomes one of the significant income to making profit. There are various kinds of sponsored feed that has been developed, it was designed as the same UI (user interface) as the news, it’s called Native Ads, some are as same as Facebook and Twitter ads, additionally, there are rotating banners and loading page to display the ads as well. Media buyers of famous brands and big companies in China are spending billions of money on digital media nowadays.

Is this your first time hear the term “Innovation Journalism”?

What is Journalism? In simple terms, it reports news that are happening around the world, those information that people want to know but don’t know. Along with the development of society, journalism has been subdivide into more specific fields. Innovation Journalism is one of the most popular area that people are accessing nowadays but may not even realize the importance of such specialized journalistic. Compare to traditional journalism that is basically focus on broadcast the facts, but innovation journalism is more comprehensive and critical. The word innovation is not only referring to the developing of technology, but also all the issues that are merge with it, such as by reporting a new technology, it may have impact on various aspects from people’s lifestyle to the whole industrial business model.

屏幕快照 2017-03-26 19.32.22.png

There’s a innovation journalism website in China called “PingWest is under spot light, its slogan of English version website is “Your Source for China Tech”. For recent years, China is putting much efforts on encourage developing the country in a innovating way. In this site, users can register their own channels and post to criticize on topics from online payment to smart TV, from drone to AI, as well as comment others to exchange thoughts. It not only informs the audience with the latest technology news, but also create a environment to attract more attention among specific issues. The freedom of journalism in China is getting better with the development of internet and digital world.

What will be the next change in Journalism? It’s too soon to tell, but being a media practicer we must keep an eye and pick up the pace to catch the fast changing trend.

Another thought-provoking blog by Brian Rashid –

An era of social-media influencers.

Look back a few years, when we don’t really know how social media will change our lifestyle, we also couldn’t imagine social media influencers will become a marketing strategy. With traditional advertising method, the key to success is the creativity of the big idea and how many times the audience see it and start to recall the brand when they make a purchase. But when it comes to consumer behavior, the psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media) ( is referring to believe the using experience from people whom they trust have used it to increase the credibility of the product.

Nowadays, everybody can be we-media producer on their social media channels. A survey from Twitter shows that 49% of users rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter and only slightly lower than 56% which from friends. We follow stylists, make-up artists, fitness trainers, etc. to get all kinds of recommendation from a more professional perspective and some start-up brand even use Influencer Marketing to succeed on their business. (


Colourpop is a makeup brand with cheaper prices(or as they call themselves “wallet friendly”) since girls really couldn’t resist any multi-color eyeshadow plate or the newest popular lip color. Beauty bloggers share their make-up videos and photos to recommend the products had gained 4.2million for @colourpopcomsmetics on Instagram.

屏幕快照 2017-03-18 17.47.22.png

Check it out and you’ll definitely fall for the gorgeous pictures and beautiful products!

In short words, social media is deeply changing the way organizations do their business, it makes the communication and the word-of-mouth of the brand more significant than before the traditional media is only a one-way communication to their audience.