Visual and Beautiful

Data visualization is not new but constantly evolving along with the development of graphic design tools and complication of different kind of data. There are many application of data visualization in our daily life, simple as electronic health record like the sports record on Apple Watch.

Many journalists are finding that data-based visuals are doing a better job of explaining and summarizing what would have been a lengthy report in print.(Brigham,2016) Data visualization is closely related with data journalism, like what I explained last week in ‘Data journalism and air quality’, issues are directly perceived through the senses of the great quantity of data. Moreover, datas are enforced by the unmistakable power of images. The visual shouldn’t just be a pretty picture; it should also provide insight and a greater understanding of the data.(Brigham,2016)

屏幕快照 2017-05-30 23.14.02

This graph is well conveyed how to design a insightful visualized infographic. (by Information is Beautiful) The four essential elements of a successful visualization include:



STORY -concept


GOAL -function


VISIUAL FORM -metaphor

Each part has overlap with other parts, but not all are good. For example in this methodology, the lack of function is will cause the visualization useless and without concept it will be boring. Four parts must be satisfied at the same time, with accurate and consistent datas, relevant and meaningful concept, useful and efficient function, and proper visual structure you’ll get yourself a great infographic. 

Reference: Tara J. Brigham<Feast for the Eyes: An Introduction to Data Visualization>



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