Google map save my life ; Data visualisation save my life

The Google map has been my best friend since I start my international student life in Australia. Before the invention of Google map, people travel with holding an actual map is very tiring yet some of the people still do now. Google map is so convenient that it contain the whole world in one database and deliver in visualization form. It has largely saved the time for people to do all the research before hand and read all the maps before their trips. The traveler can access the Google map once they connected to the internet and they can immediately search the place they want to go along with the direction and even people can double-click to see the actual outlook of the place. This visualisation presentation has made the whole become much closer and realistic than ever. I can open the Google map anytime to search the actual street view of Paris and the realist visual makes me feel like I am actually on the street.

1 Macquarie Place, Sydney, New South Wales - Google Maps

Google map is a brilliant product of utilizing the data visualisation. With the use of infographics techniques, people can explain things and stories more easily also it is more easily for people to perceive and understand the details. Data visualisation lived in every corner is our daily lives. We used to watch the change of currency by a simple chart with just an up and down line, it has actually presented the group of data, another example is the chart to present the people population that makes the whole bunch of data into something very simple to understand.



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