Web 4.0 – Facebook owning the 4th dimension

Much like a real estate giant or tycoon owning every physical lot in sight, so does FB own every relevant platform in the online world. Facebook has covered all the corners, from how you391ee12077ba9cabd10e476d8b8c022b network with your social cirle, to where you choose to communicate (Whats app, FB messenger), where you express yourself (Instagram), and where you game (Oculus Rift). As Zuckerberg goes shopping buying out mobile tech companies we see a privatization of the digital landscape. What is concerning is that this digital behemoth owns all the data that is being produced on said platforms. They have become the ultimate landlord. As the SNS has grown much larger and has surpassed its original purpose, it comes to not only own spaces in which others operate; they have complete access to all those interactions occurring within. What is fearful is that years ago films such as Gamer showed us how we can have a ‘virtual self’ or an avatar if you will on the fourth dimension where we can all play together socially thanks to the networked effect. Shortly, that won’t only be possible, it will be the norm, and Facebook will own that digital imprint, your digital soul. More on how “you don’t own your online life” can be found: HERE


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