Serious Game

Serious Games are the games that have another purpose than just pure entertainment. ( As I mentioned on the previous post that, nowadays the world has become more to technology status. Most of the companies and education industry are using game technology or game design platform for presentations, such as branding & marketing, education & children, and training simulation. (


Besides that, graphics has become more interesting to us comparing with tons of words while our minds need something more interesting to remember it. Through the education industry, we can train them and make sure they actively focus what they have learned with some example of game demonstrate which can attract them easily. Is just like a team building for a company or an entertaining activity for family and friends (

By having an interactive training, those leading companies who want to create a higher engagement and improved training. To have an educational expert and game designers to create a research and assessment is to make sure everyone is aware the theory and practice on it before facing the reality is better than just reading from the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).( )


Therefore, the purpose of the serious game is to show all the users that by using the games to create direct real world outcomes and to promote a meaningful message to all the players.


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