Who received your very first photo on Snapchat?

Unlike other social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat’s is more private and casual. Photos, texts and short videos, with creative doodles and stickers are impermanent to share current thoughts or what you’re doing now with close friends and it won’t leave a trace on the Internet, in opposite with traditional broadcast-style of social media, it’s more desired by younger generations. This is when network effect kicked in. “when it comes to messaging apps, the more friends you have on it, the more useful and entertaining the app is,” said Ian Kar.(2016)

At first when it was launched, it may seems like another app for juvenile, however, according to the research by eMarketer, the users age is going up.

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When parents starts to use Snapchat in order to send and receive from their teenage children, the network is expending among users of different ages. After you give permission to run across your contact list and starts to invite your friends to use it as well, the network is spreading quickly. In 2016, according to eMarketer, “Snapchat’s US user base will jump by 27.2% to 58.6 million users. Snapchat’s growth rate far exceeds that of mobile messaging in general—the category as a whole will grow by 16% in the US this year.”

Only within a few years, Snapchat is going viral in not only the US but worldwide. 


Answer on Quora by Sanjay Sabnani: <https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-simple-explanation-for-why-Snapchat-has-strong-network-effects-advantages&gt;


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