Does network bring people closer or even more far away?

Mum: Girl, it’s time for bed. Please turn off your laptop and go to bed. It’s 12:00am right now.

Me: Alright mum. *shutting down my laptop, switch off the bedroom light. And, is phone time!

Remember how are we falling asleep while holding your mobile phone in the middle of the night? Nowadays, most of us will go through our mobile phone before we close our eyes at night. Just like scrolling our Facebook pages for any updates from friends, see almost every photos and video that posted from friends or secret admirers at Instagram, replied all personal email or company email before a new day started, or even updated News from the website.

The revolutions of network computers to tablets or smartphone have change people’s lifestyle which has become more efficient and increases the productivity of doing works. The Computer History Museum has shown us the revolution of timeline for the first 2000 years of computing which has changed our world. (


Besides that, mobile operating system like IOS (iPhone Operating System) has also rebuilding by Steve Jobs in the earlier the year of 1997 which running the popular iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. ( As nowadays, the world is in a higher technology status. Everyone choose a smartphone rather than an oldies mobile phone or cell phone.


In short, this social networking society has become the key of communicator with each other nowadays. These are the better way to make us stay connect with the world and expand the networking by innovating the technology, no matter you are having a laptops or computers or even smart phones.