We’re All Content Creators Now!

Are you on social media? If you are, even if it’s only Facebook or Instagram, then congratulations, you are among the millions of content creators on the internet!

Content creators on the internet commonly create user-generated content, which according to this article, can be defined as content generated by users that has the potential to create engagement.

If we are going with this definition, then the content can range differently according to the social media that the users use. It can be a status on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, a photo posted on Instagram, a video on YouTube, etc.

Since I’m mostly active on Twitter, I find that Twitter has the potential to be the best social networking sites for user-generated content. Not only that it’s real time (for spreading the news) and its content is easy to find (with hashtags and keywords), the meme and the humour on Twitter are the best (because 4chan is reserved for twisted minded people)

Take this recent twitter thread that can be considered as one of the culturally relevant, bridging two different cultures in one thread, and entertaining as well.

In short, we are all now content creators on the internet, but if you want to have more fun with other content creators, you should visit Twitter soon (I swear I’m not getting paid for this)


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