Power of UGC

Digital audiences are both receivers and producers of the internet content at the same time. We constantly create more informations by upload and share on our social channels. The term UGC(user generated content) is refers to the content that people create and share out when they was inspired by something they saw online or experienced. This would consider as a practical way to do social marketing for professionals in practice.

Take tourism industry for example, recommendations of a hotel, a restaurant or a tourist spot from people who have been their was much more reliable and convictive than luxury videos and advertisements. TripAdvisor.com will rank “Traveler’s Choice Award” according to their users rate and feedback each year.

屏幕快照 2017-05-07 下午7.46.33.pngAnd the only way to ace the ranking is keep improving the services of your business, otherwise the UGC will really cause the business to lose some real money, nobody want to pay for a disappointed memory when they plan for a trip.

There are tons of social networking site that are thrive by UGC, douban.com (wikipedia link) is one of them. It’s a lifestyle BBS in China launched in 2005, users can discuss their hobbies such as movies, music, sports, games and books via forum posts and reply each other.

屏幕快照 2017-05-07 下午8.30.44.pngNowadays, movie.douban.com is one of the most popular section of Douban, it kinds of like IMDb but the contents were created by users, and it also has online ticketing feature, audiences create film reviews and rates that will directly boom or fail the box office. (* The blue button is “buy tickets now” on the main page of the website)

In a word, the success or failure of the business can be all due to UGC, it’s a powerful tool, treat it wisely.


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