Twitter Is My Source of News

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 6.17.03 PM

Nowadays it’s getting even more difficult to watch the news on television or read newspapers. Mostly because I don’t watch too much TV anymore and I perceive newspapers as not environmentally friendly. But at the same time, as a part of the millennial generation who often fears of missing out on the latest updates, I still need to read the news to know what is going on with the world around me. That is where social media comes in handy.

On social media, I am mostly active on Twitter and Reddit. Hence, I follow the necessary outlets as pictured above (please disregard the Nihilist Arby’s and The Onion for I have a dark sense of humour sometimes) on my Twitter account.

Twitter for me has come very handily in following news updates, especially if you follow the right media outlet, people with influence, or when some hashtags appear on the trending topic list. My behaviour, as explained by Weeks and Holbert, is among the advantages brought upon by social media in relaying the news. By using social media to consume the news, the users maintain much control of the information environment. Additionally, users can also participate by selecting which content to consume and sharing it with others.

This has also led to the rise of what is commonly known as ‘citizen journalism.’ Propelled by the rise of smartphones and tablets, citizen journalism can be described as news reporting by locals who happen to be on the scene of events. Some have taken citizen journalism as helping news outlets to create news stories, while others criticise citizen journalism because it is not a real journalism and may spread fake news/hoax. Twitter is especially useful for citizen journalism because a tweet can often spread fast and gain wide attention within hours. For more details about citizen journalism, you can read this article by Mashable.

TL;DR Thank you, Twitter for providing me news updates every day!


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