The Powerful of Content sharing


What are the things that you afraid the most? Words from the others people mouth? Bad comments received from the guest? The bad review from the lecturer? Most of the people will modify some pretty word or add own opinion before telling the truth story to another person.

For example, we will base on the review showed at the website, to decide whether we should stay at the hotel or going for a trip. Most of us will do some research regarding the quality of the hotel service, good comment review of the restaurant and so on. Not just for the consumers own good but also very important for the producers or merchandisers of the good image of the companies.UA

There is an issue happen to United Airlines on 11 April 2017, this news has been shared over the social platforms by just one night and thousand of bad reviews have been given by the public. This link was the news that mentioned about the issue happen and the content of the video was captured by at few passengers on the plane, Man dragged off overbooked United flight by police as fellow passengers look on in horror. ( Another news example that happened on the next day of the United Airlines company, United shares fall as social media firestorm over forcibly removed passenger spreads to China ( . This news was the top trending item on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter with the hashtag #UnitedForcesPassengerOffPlane, with more than 270 million views, reported by Justin Bachman and Linly Lin from The Sydney Morning Herald on 12 April 2017.This is presented how powerful is the content sharing on top of the interaction between content producers and consumers can do.


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