News under the ‘self-media’ era.

With arrival of the news media 3.0, China access into ‘we media’ period in 21 century.The rising of micro blog has launched a new revolution in media area which Changed the traditional communication model. Individuals maximize their participation in communication activities. It has provided the conditions for the development of citizen journalism.


Weibo as Chinese Twitter played an immprotant role in ‘we media’ era. Sina Weibo now has over 100m users, and is still growing fast. Weibo has become a crucial information source, especially for breaking news. Some unexpected incidents journalists are not able to arrive on the sence, but the people who have been there may report it on Weibo and record the crucial moment. If it reposted above 500 times, it will hit the Weibo headlines.


With leading the development of self-media era, weibo recipients are not only information receivers, but also turning into information producers and disseminators. ‘We media’ brings both the expression room for commoners and the huge economic benefits for network service providers come true. But what is worth our consideration is that also makes the relationship between public opinion and judicial becomes more and more subtle and complex.



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