Gave United Airline all the attentions they never expected!

Needless to say, a paid and seated passenger was dragged off an United airplane was one of news that attract most attention and discussion on social media. This led to tons of past customer of UA share their unsatisfied service and experience via various social media platforms. This would consider the most significant PR crisis UA had every experienced. By the end of April, UA had reached an undisclosed settlement with Dr. David Dao the passenger, but the amount remain confidential.

屏幕快照 2017-04-30 22.16.56.png

Coincidently, this is not the first time of UA’s reckless go viral on social media. Dave Carroll a musician flied UA and his $3500710 Taylor guitar was broken due to the violent acting by baggage handler, but he wasn’t get an satisfied treatment and resolution after all. He then wrote three songs and MVs called “United Break Guitars” an overnight sensation with over 15 million YouTube views, and he even published a book! This was happened in 2008, however the time that social media was not as influential as today, it also caused UA stock share largely decrease.

As an individual, fighting with big cooperations to strive for own’s rights would be throw an egg against a rock. But with the existence of social media, participatory journalism has reduce the non-equivalence significantly. We’re not alone anymore, online world is powerful, together we will make a difference.   


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