Are you having Nomophobia?


How often do you looking at your mobile devices during your free time? What will you do while taking the public transport? I believe that some of us are having Nomophobia which is a close attachment with the mobile phone and overuse of mobile phone during our free time, and we do probably feeling empty when we don’t have our phone with us. As a human nature, it has been program default to be socially active to a certain extent. This appearance is considered as the participatory journalism which the media users have developed a relationship with the media.

The traditional platform of the journalism has been slowly replaced and transformed into the social networks and social media sites along with the mobile media platforms. It is very hard to get us out from our house now to get a printed newspaper or magazine when you can lying on the bed to read the updated news from your mobile phone or tablet.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world which widely used for networking with family and friends, and also getting the most updated news from the certain pages. For example, the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution in September 2014 has used the Facebook as the important medium to spread the message and photos to the other parts of the world. Everyone can know about what is happening on the other side of the world by clicking the “Share” button to pass the content or video on.

HK Umbrella Revolution

Furthermore, by watching the videos that shared from the Facebook pages you will get to see the different point of view on and comments. For example, the video that was taken by the professional reporter or by the normal people. Some of us may enlarge the cases or misunderstand the main point of the video so it is important to have critical thinking on the information that we received or visit the official website like the ABC News-



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