The decline of Renren Network and Wechat rise.

Renren Network as regarded a Chinese Facebook launched in 2005, but it doesn’t have a long-term development as Facebook. Actually, in recent years, there are almost no one using Renren, Renren has been replaced by Wechat. I remember after I entered college that I no more used Renren, it was that year, Wechat was launched.These are two completely different products, but why one appeared make another destroyed.



I think there are several reasons. Firstly, Wechat is a mobile terminal software, but Renren still stay in post-portal era. Secondly, Wechat as a instant message software also has strong communication function. ‘Moments’ is an important feature of Wechat and it is the reason of Wechat instead of Renren. ‘Moments’ in Wechat Chinese edition named ‘Friends circle’. You can upload pictures, short videos and words on it, and you also can share music news or blog from other app on ‘Moments’. The most important is that you can set each friend rights, like who can see your ‘Moments’ and who can’t. Even you can divided your friends into different groups, show different group different things. In most social app, the comment is public part, but in ‘Moments’ comments only can be seen by mutual friends.

To some extent, Wechat more satisfied the needs of modern people. They sometimes want to share their life, but sometimes want to keep the privacy space in internet world. Renren exposure to personal privacy too much. Renren may similar to Facebook, but it lose its lable when it change name from Xiaonei(it means find schoolmates) to Renren.


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