Photo speaks it All!


Have you ever not taking a single photo in your daily life? What else will you do after you take a photo from your phone or from your camera? I believe that everyone does it just to capture every memorable moment in our lives. It can simply capture the bunch gathering with friends, smiling faces during the catch-up session or places that we went during our holiday.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application that allows people to post photos and videos which were launched in October 2010. It is well known as a platform for everyone to share the moment of their life with friends and family besides Facebook. However, the Instagram has agreed to be acquired by Facebook (  since 9 April 2012, mentioned by Kevin Systrom, CEO, and co-founder of Instagram.

Besides, Instagram has improved with some features, for example, the live broadcast that allowed the users to instant share the right-now moments with friends and or shares the moments with the people they follow. Business also benefited this feature to gain more interactions with all the followers as well as liking, commenting, mentioning, tagging and direct message.

Apart from that, Instagram also having the special explorers ( on the second page when you swipe to the left, like looking for people, special or trending tags, and the famous places. Therefore, photos and videos are playing an outstanding role in our life by capturing or showing throughout of the social media, especially at Instagram. All these wonderful features and function are due to the improvement and development of internet that brings all of us step further into the world and have more interaction with one another.



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