“It is not just a communication tool but a way of life.”
Steve Jobs

I wake up to the dreaded sound of my alarm going off.


Swipe left to check the weather outside.

Weather says 17 and late showers.

I grab my headphones and iPhone.

Spotify on, MapMyRun on.

4kms in, the sun is rising, so I stop to take an Insta Story along with a Snapchat.


Stop MapMyRun. 10kms done.

The sun has risen and Bronte beach looks amazing. Snapchat and Instagram upload.

Back up the 2km hill home.

I turn on the 3AW app (despite moving to Sydney, I still like to listen to the news in Melbourne).

Back home.

Forecast says rain is expected mid-morning now.

Bring in washing.

Rents due, transfer by BPay.

Phone bills due, pay bill via Optus app.

Check calendar. Oh shit, my appointment was 8.30am.

Call them to tell them I’ll be late.

16 notifications on the group WhatsApp.

Lunch confirmed for 12.30pm at Bellagio.

Hm, haven’t been there before.

Google Bellagio menu. Insta location Bellagio for photos. Yum food looks good. I’ll get the corn fritters with a side of bacon.


Time? 9.15pm.

Okay I have a few hours to do some work.

Study. Check phone. Study. Check phone. Study. Check phone, 12.10pm.

Text Eliza to tell her to be out front. Damn she’s not at hers.

Google maps. 15mins away! AH we’ll be late for lunch.

Text Bridgette to say we’ll be five minutes late.

“Lize, I’m out front xx”

Bluetooth turned on, Spotify on through the radio.

Text Bridgette saying we are 5 away.

Lunch done. Split the bill and transfer the money to Eliza.


“When you were 25 and had a lunch on, what was your day like?”

Analog alarm goes off. Get up.

Go for a run.

Collect the paper from the lawn. Weather says top of 23c.

Go to the office.


Lunch with two friends at 12.30pm. Arrive at 12.20pm.

All pay for our lunches because we’ve all brought cash.

Get home after work. Washings wet because the forecast changed during the day.

Times have changed.


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