Native ads funding journalism in China in digital media age.

As we know, each country has its unique regulation and users preference among journalism industry, in China, due to the political system, the cultural tradition and censorship, it is a very special but interesting case to look into. Back in traditional media age, there are not much choice in newspapers, journalism was totally controlled by the government, and the main funding was come from advertisement and government. After stepping into the digital media age, traditional newspaper are loosing readers to online and mobile news platforms such as portal website and news app that was developed by internet company (ie. Tencent News and Sina News) not by newspaper organization.


With the help of technique to collect and analyze the data of each and every users’ preference and reading behavior, sponsored feed is a feature that was created to deliver the information to the target audience more accurate and efficient, it can be considered as another method to contribute the advertising revenue. Because of the intense competition of IT industry in China, most of apps are free for users to seizing market share, therefore advertising becomes one of the significant income to making profit. There are various kinds of sponsored feed that has been developed, it was designed as the same UI (user interface) as the news, it’s called Native Ads, some are as same as Facebook and Twitter ads, additionally, there are rotating banners and loading page to display the ads as well. Media buyers of famous brands and big companies in China are spending billions of money on digital media nowadays.


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