Seek for Jobs; Seek for Money


seek-logoOn my previous post that mentioned about the digital media kicks the traditional media down. Which means that nowadays digital media has taken up the main role to lead and development the society. Also, there is more money opportunity through online media now, funding journalism has changed from offline to online. Looking for a job or a vacancy through the social media or from the website are easier than flipping all over the newspaper just to look for classified pages.

SEEK is one of the most famous job searching website in Australia that having over 12,000 jobs provided. No matter where the job candidates from such as is from, they can also find a job that is suitable for them. SEEK is a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives as well as helping the organizations in future success.

SEEK does not only providing jobs to the candidates but they are also providing some courses. SEEK Learning provided the online courses or short-term class for those who are interested in different industries. They will help you to choose the relevant courses which matching with your own career goals. Seek Learning page ( also providing the best options for flexible study, quality of teaching materials, strong reputation in the specific industry and more to go.

SEEK Learning acts as an agent for the education providers that are represented on this site and receives a commission from them for each enrollment. Based on this corporate tear sheet (, SEEK has made a positive impact on a truly global scales over the 18 years of operation. Therefore, the online employment has created much more money opportunity for both the job seekers and companies and the marketplace in a larger meaning.



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