Different voice from self-journalism!

It is undeniable that online media is the mainstream in this generation. Although  traditional media still has a larger market share, while getting information from internet is becoming a habit for most people.

Traditional media always rely on government, especially in China. The content of newspaper must have been carefully examined prior to its publication. And in China, some popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been banned.To a certain extent, it makes a one-sided understanding of some international big events to Chinese. 

In recent years, we media or self-media are popular in China. Weibo and Wechat as the best platforms to self-funding journalism. There is a very famous blogger on Weibo named ‘billboard sister‘. She settled in London, the content of her blog can be divided into three parts – repost international news from foreign media(e.g. BBC), publish local social news,  share hot issues from foreign social media.

Entrepreneurship is “the creation and ownership of a small enterprise or organization whose activity adds at least one voice or innovation to the media marketplace.” That enterprise, they assert, “represents a voice,” differentiates itself from other voices, and can be for-profit or not-for-profit. The ‘billboard sister’ created this blog just for transferring the voice from outside world. But now, the blog has 13 millions followers on Weibo. Sponsors and advertisers come flocking. Self- funding journalism did take different views and voice rather than traditional media.



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