Is this your first time hear the term “Innovation Journalism”?

What is Journalism? In simple terms, it reports news that are happening around the world, those information that people want to know but don’t know. Along with the development of society, journalism has been subdivide into more specific fields. Innovation Journalism is one of the most popular area that people are accessing nowadays but may not even realize the importance of such specialized journalistic. Compare to traditional journalism that is basically focus on broadcast the facts, but innovation journalism is more comprehensive and critical. The word innovation is not only referring to the developing of technology, but also all the issues that are merge with it, such as by reporting a new technology, it may have impact on various aspects from people’s lifestyle to the whole industrial business model.

屏幕快照 2017-03-26 19.32.22.png

There’s a innovation journalism website in China called “PingWest is under spot light, its slogan of English version website is “Your Source for China Tech”. For recent years, China is putting much efforts on encourage developing the country in a innovating way. In this site, users can register their own channels and post to criticize on topics from online payment to smart TV, from drone to AI, as well as comment others to exchange thoughts. It not only informs the audience with the latest technology news, but also create a environment to attract more attention among specific issues. The freedom of journalism in China is getting better with the development of internet and digital world.

What will be the next change in Journalism? It’s too soon to tell, but being a media practicer we must keep an eye and pick up the pace to catch the fast changing trend.

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