Visit site, bookmark. Visit site, bookmark. Visit site, bookmark. *My knee jerk reaction to the topic of innovative journalism.


I’m that naïve Advertising and PR student that does not have her eye on the ball and instead is what communications specialists would refer to as ‘mainstream’ and definitely not ‘in the know’.

It is slightly embarrassing to admit but I’d honestly never been on the websites techcrunch or mashable, am I committing commutations suicide or can I still salvage my career?


These sites and others alike are vital sources of information, especially for journalists, PR and media specialists, informing and educating on new technology and innovations.

While not all articles would be relevant to me, there are articles, such as the evaluation of the online shopping tool on Facebook that could help me in the PR world when figuring out strategies for specific campaigns. Since reading the article it just confirms how this platform is still unused and at the moment, not regarded as a vital platform to utilise for clients to promote their consumer products.

‘In industrial economies, innovation is key’.  Nordfors (2004) article discusses how innovation within society depends solely on the interaction and shared knowledge between different professions, hence the need for ‘innovation journalism’. Their combined efforts to release new information help contribute to greater productivity and growth. Journalists might not be able to understand all aspects of the information provided by the legal or business industry, but the media can set the agenda and can make it relevant to that particular target audience that should be informed.

If I take anything from this class, it is that I now have my head out of the sand and can be a greater contributor to my organisation by providing innovative information and knowledge that makes me the one that is ‘in the know’.



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