Have you ever read the product review before buying a new Iphone ? I know you do !

Back in 10 years ago, when we want to buy a new Nokia mobile phone we can only ask our friends for recommendation and review or wait for the technology magazine that launch once per month, the information does not update as fast as today. With the fast development of internet and technology, we search the product review with just a few clicks and there are lots of websites that provided the detailed review of the product as well as a comparison with similar products. Have you read the new iPhone review or watch the YouTube review video before purchasing a new iPhone ? I do and I know you do!

Sometimes we don’t mean to search it but it is very accessible on the social media platform like Facebook and the links will just lingual around the website, inside the links they talk about different latest technology products. One of the famous website: https://www.theverge.com , which is a famous American technology website that frequently updates the new technology products as well as a media network. Another great example is http://mashable.com/ that is also popular around the internet. And because of the demand of product review, there are also numbers of YouTube creators that talks about the product review along with a demonstration video, one of the brilliant example are Marques Brownlee who mainly focuses to make quality technology videos and he has millions of followers.


Week 4

All these website and videos are the technology journalism that from the public- good perspective to provide reader for updated information to help them make a better decision while keeping their interest up to the technology.



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