Change the image of News! Tech website take the cake!

“Innovation Journalism” is journalism about innovation (which is not the same as “innovative journalism”, which is about innovations in journalism). Innovation Journalism covers technical, business, legal and political aspects of innovations and innovation systems. With the rapid development with economy and society,there is a growing demand for information and knowledge.  Journalism has been not confined to business or political Reports nowadays, also focus on technology or culture.

Guokr (which means Nutshell, name from THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL wrote by Stephen Hawking) is a popular Chinese technology journalism website. At first Guokr aimed to become the Chinese Discovery. But now they have broken a new way of their own. The website contains three parts,  including MOOC academy, Knowledge community and Rumor buster. Guokr releases new technology information and provides a wide communicative platform for geek. What really makes Guokr is Rumor buster. In this section, Guokr republish some hot issues from other website and social media which may spread the wrong scientific information. Then through expert interviews, scientific experiment and technological knowledge to break the rumor.


Innovation Systems create value, and people in them can get rich by knowing who needs what, who said what about who, what is cooking, and what to avoid. Guokr actually achieve this value. It provides a information exchange platform. Audience can post their own opinions or questions, and they will get feedback from researchers from various fields. In this website you can get knowledge as a student, you also can spread knowledge as a teacher.

Nordfors, D 2004, ‘Why we need innovation journalism, and where it may have a market’, The First Conference on Innovation Journalism, Vol.3, No.1, Pp. 1-14.


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