Digital media kicks the traditional media down

Among the recent decade, the media industry has experienced a big change, the new rise of digital media took up the main role that leads to the decline of traditional media outlet such as the newspaper and magazine etc. This phenomenon also related to the wide- usage of internet by the public. Nowadays, with the fast development of internet and smartphone, readers had become more and more eager towards the latest information, they can get the instant news and the latest information with just a little movement of their fingers. The internet also helps the digital medias to spread and update the news even more faster than the traditional media, and this is the main reason why the traditional media declines. When you have a smart phone who else would like to hold a newspaper anymore?


At the same time, the digital media is more interactive compares to the traditional media. Public can now become an information producer more easily by instantly upload the photos or videos of things that happen around them, it can be a live video of the accident that freshly happen, as well as they can express their thoughts  by leaving comments under the news post or share it with friends by just a few taps on the phone. The transition of readership from newspaper to digital is a challenge to the news publication which they can only survive by transform into online media. A real example is the New York Times, they have realized the online news version has more click rate than the sales of the newspaper,  from this they can see that the reach towards the readers is wider than the newspaper.


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