An era of social-media influencers.

Look back a few years, when we don’t really know how social media will change our lifestyle, we also couldn’t imagine social media influencers will become a marketing strategy. With traditional advertising method, the key to success is the creativity of the big idea and how many times the audience see it and start to recall the brand when they make a purchase. But when it comes to consumer behavior, the psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media) ( is referring to believe the using experience from people whom they trust have used it to increase the credibility of the product.

Nowadays, everybody can be we-media producer on their social media channels. A survey from Twitter shows that 49% of users rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter and only slightly lower than 56% which from friends. We follow stylists, make-up artists, fitness trainers, etc. to get all kinds of recommendation from a more professional perspective and some start-up brand even use Influencer Marketing to succeed on their business. (


Colourpop is a makeup brand with cheaper prices(or as they call themselves “wallet friendly”) since girls really couldn’t resist any multi-color eyeshadow plate or the newest popular lip color. Beauty bloggers share their make-up videos and photos to recommend the products had gained 4.2million for @colourpopcomsmetics on Instagram.

屏幕快照 2017-03-18 17.47.22.png

Check it out and you’ll definitely fall for the gorgeous pictures and beautiful products!

In short words, social media is deeply changing the way organizations do their business, it makes the communication and the word-of-mouth of the brand more significant than before the traditional media is only a one-way communication to their audience.


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