Online media and social media is becoming the main way for getting news. It spread news faster and immediately, and using picture and video to replace words. People can read more intuitive and easier to understand.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be regarded as the most popular social medias right now. Everyone can register accounts on it, including traditional medias. ABC, BBC and CCTV all have official accounts on facebook. It a effective way to increase audience and attract young audience. With politic and economic globalization, some multinational media corporations, like News Corporation set it sights on digital media in recent years. News Corporation has tried to publish news on Ipad, and acquired some online video websites.

The new president of the United States, Donald Trump, jokingly referred to running the country by Twitter from taking office to now. Even though Trump received a public censure, but acctually it may become a trend. Becuase Obama has been used twitter to closer the distance with the citizens. To some extent, social media can be regarded aspromoting democratic development.


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