“Me? I’m all about memes”


My humor relies heavily on memes. And in all honesty, whose doesn’t these days. Above all, my favorite has to be Kermit the frog minding his business. What I’m interested in exploring is how this comical tool helps people connect. Firstly, memes are widely spread on SNSs such as Instagram. All you have to do to share a laugh is tag your friend so they get to see the said meme. These ‘friends’ are already part of your online network and therefore tagging them in humorous images strengthens your friendship performance. As one meme states, “If they aren’t tagging you in at least 10 memes a day are they the one?” Your bond is solidified via the meme’s power to be relatable, its repeatability and malleability. However, without social media memes would not be as popular or engaging. Memes exploit SNSs to their limits. They can be shared, altered to tell personal stories and can quickly unite a group together which may beforehand have not had anything else is common. In addition, they spark conversation and create a buzz around them. For instance, the way that they take life offline is if you’re in a restaurant and notice a commotion or if someone is at your table is saying something contradictive or hypocritical you can turn to the side (profile view) and sip your drink. Odds are, those around you will grasp the message you are trying to convey. In sum, as Cindy Royal puts it, “Communication is technology, and technology is communication. That’s the true convergence.” http://www.niemanlab.org/2014/04/cindy-royal-are-journalism-schools-teaching-their-students-the-right-skills/

If you’re addicted to memes here’s a great reality check: http://metro.co.uk/2016/09/07/15-things-you-only-know-if-youre-addicted-to-memes-6113112/


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